Maryland Estonia Exchange Council, Inc.


During the 13th Century the area of Europe that is now known as Estonia was first called "Terra Mariae" or "Mary's Land," thus a 21st Century link between Maryland in the USA and Estonia in Europe seems very appropriate.


The mission of the Maryland Estonia Exchange Council, Inc. (MEEC) is to advance the friendship of Maryland (MD) and Estonia (EE) by providing opportunities for partnerships that enhance cultural exchanges and strengthen political, economic, medical, educational, and security links.

The purpose of Maryland Estonia Exchange Council, Inc. is to establish and coordinate agreements of international cooperation between the towns, cities, counties and governments of Estonia and Maryland. These agreements allow specific initiatives for mutual benefit to businesses, cultural exchanges, educational programs, civic organizations, security departments and healthcare institutions.


The special relationship between Estonia and Maryland started in the early 1990s as part of the NATO Partnership for Peace Program at the end of the Cold War. The Maryland National Guard was linked to the Estonian Home Guard (Kaitseliit) as part of a State Partnership Program. Since 2003 Maryland Estonia Exchange Council, Inc. has coordinated the non-military links between Estonia and Maryland. In 2006 and 2009 official agreements were signed formalizing civilian links between Estonia and Maryland. In 2009 the officers of Maryland Estonia Exchange Council, Inc. became members of the MD Secretary of State's Sister State Advisory Board.

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